This past Sunday I had the privilege of working with a very talented young lade named Kaleigh. Kaleigh is an accomplished singer, dancer, actor and model. She can be found on Toys R Us ads, Crayola Boxes and even Target Billboards! I had a blast working with her and look forward to seeing her on […]

If you know me personally, or follow my work,  you know that I am actively involved in many pageant systems. As a former pageant contestant in the Miss New Hampshire Scholarship Program I love being able to stay involved in the pageant world. Now that I am too old to compete, I stay involved by photographing […]

I am sure you all saw a sneak preview photo from me yesterday on facebook telling you all that the blog post would be coming today! it is! The Otero family is one of the sweetest families I have ever met! I met Marlene (Mom) and Jacky (daughter) about a year ago to discuss […]

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